How will I receive the funds?

Funds are issued through either a virtual card or a bank transfer. In either case, an account will be created for you on Note that your Paylution account will only be created when your first claim is funded.

The below countries receive bank transfer accounts. This means that you will need to log into your account and then transfer the funding to your personal bank account. All other countries not listed below receive virtual cards. Virtual cards can be used on any online store as a debit card.


Here are the instructions for activating your Paylution account. As a reminder, you cannot activate your account until after you receive your first funding.

If it is the first time accessing your account, please follow the steps below:

1. Visit
2. Click "Activate Account" .
3. In the dropdown box, click "Membership ID". Input membership ID# (Supplied in the email to you) in the empty box. Click "Continue".
4. Follow the rest of the necessary steps to activate your account.

If you have already activated your account, instead of clicking "Activate Account", you will enter your email address and password and click "Sign In".

The instructions for transferring your funds to your bank account are provided below. This is only applicable if you have a bank transfer account:

1. Select Transfer
2. Select Add New Transfer Method
3. Choose which country you are wiring the funds to, select the Wire Transfer option, and hit Continue
4. Enter the Recipient Financial Account Information
· Swift Code
· Bank Code
· Account Number or IBAN
· Additional Information* (If requested by the bank)
· Intermediary Bank Account Information* (If intermediary bank is being used)

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